Friday, August 2, 2013

England, Scotland or Wales?

The next issue I need to tackle is my living arrangements for the UK. There are so many things I need to consider before I book my flights and airport transfers. The main thing is, WHERE am I going to live?

England, Scotland or Wales?

Which county?

A big city or a quiet village?

A share house or a studio/one bedroom flat?

I'd love to live somewhere that I could walk or ride a bike to work and the local shops. Rent needs to be a reasonable price so that I can put some money away for savings, but also have spare cash to go on a few weekend getaways to other European countries.

Maybe it's time to do a Rory Gilmore and make a Pro-Con list for a few cities.

Do you live in the UK?
Where do you think is the best place to live?

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