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[Product Review] Ryvita Crispbread

Ryvita Crispbread are a product which I had seen on the supermarket shelf for years but had only finally tried earlier this year. It wasn't until I saw them pop up in the Instagram feed of several health foodies that I decided to take a look at them.

The first suprising thing is that the original variety contains only two ingredients: wholegrain rye flour and salt, while the multigrain has added toasted seeds and grains such as buckwheat, sesame and linseed. Having such a short ingredient list is one of characteristics of a good product.

While rye is not gluten free (sorry to the Coeliacs out there), it is said that rye is easier for our bodies to digest than wheat.

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Macros per serve (Original - 2 pieces)

70 calories
1.8g protein
0.4g fat

13.4g carbs
0.6g sugar
3.4g fibre
100mg sodium

Macros per serve (Multigrain - 2 pieces)

82 calories
2.4g protein
1.6g fat
12.4g carbs
1g sugar

60mg sodium

Don't be put off by the rye just because you associate it as somewhat of a healthier product. There's kind of a toasty taste to it, like a cross between Weet-Bix and Bran Flakes. It's difficult to precisely describe how Ryvitas taste, however I can assure you that they're mighty tasty.

Use Ryvitas in the ways you would a rice or corn cake. I actually find Ryvitas to be more filling than rice cakes as they're denser and not so much full of air.

I love to spread some of my homemade peanut (flour) butters on a few for a quick snack. Break a couple of Ryvitas into pieces and serve with a tzatziki or hummus dip. They're even nice crushed on top of soup, sort of like croutons, adding that little extra crunch.

Ryvitas are produced in the UK where their range of products includes crackerbread, thins, crackers and even fruit, seed and nuts slices. I wonder if Australian supermarkets will look to expand their Ryvita range in the future. Since I'm such a fan of their crispbread, I'm looking forward to trying out their other products once I make it to the UK.

Where to buy

You can find Ryvita Original and Multigrain Crispbread at most supermarkets


Roughly $2.70 or 22.5 cents per serve (2 pieces)

What do you like to top your Ryvita Crispbreads with?

NOTE: I was not compensated for this review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

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