Monday, July 15, 2013

Week of Flavoured Peanut (Flour) Butter Recipes

This week's theme is a bit of a mouthful, but one not to be missed.

With the ever-growing obsession people have with peanut butter, companies have jumped on the bandwagon, producing ranges of flavoured peanut butter. There's chocolate, raisin, cinnamon, honey and goodness knows what other flavours to choose from.

You all know of my love for peanut flour over peanut butter, so peanut flour will be the main ingredient used this week. Get yours at iHerb and save up to $10 on your first order by clicking the image below:

But, if all you have on hand is natural peanut butter, that will work fine too. 

What makes this week's recipes different? Will the help of the peanut flour, they'll be lower in fat, higher in protein and free from sugar. And really, anything you make yourself always tastes so much better.

Check back in on Friday (yes, Friday instead of the usual Sunday) for the first creation in a Week of Flavoured Peanut (Flour) Butter Recipes!

Want some of my other favourite peanut flour recipes to tide you over until then? Click here for more peanut flour goodness.

via Stacie Michelle

Put the internet to work for you. via Personal Recipe 3493517

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