Thursday, July 25, 2013

Design Personalised Rings with Industrial Strength

Industrial Strength is a company synonymous with jewellery for those with body modifications. Their quality and diverse range of products is why they're stocked in tattoo and body piercing studios around the world. 

While I may currently be lusting after their septum clickers (I just need to save and actually get my septum pierced), I want to introduce you to another product of theirs; one which the pierced and non-pierced alike can enjoy.

It is these beauties:

Finger rings with interchangeable gems. They're so dainty and cute, and unlike gold and silver rings from your local jewellers, these are made from titanium.

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More from the Steel Navel website:

Titanium is an extremely lightweight, elemental metal. The specific alloy used for body jewelry is 6AL4V (6% aluminum, 4% vanadium), specifically 136 grade. Titanium is the most bio-compatible of all metals due to its total resistance to attack by body fluids. 

The wide range of titanium colors is produced through anodizing, not dyeing. During anodizing, the jewelry is submerged in an electrolyte solution and voltage is applied creating an oxide layer on the jewelry. The color results from refraction of light through the oxide layer, and the thickness of the layer determines the color.


The first step is to choose your ring size and colour. There are 11 colours of anodized titanium rings to choose from, in 29 ring sizes (including half sizes).

Then go crazy with deciding which threaded ends you want. Prices for the threaded ends range from $10 to $55.  Buy one, two or half a dozen, whatever takes your fancy. Just ensure you select 14g or 12g from the gauge drop-down menu. 

In most cases you will have to pre-order the threaded ends. As you're choosing the colours yourself, they are made to your custom specifications and shipped out after completed - usually only a week or two wait.

Once your ring (or rings) and threaded ends arrive, it's as simple as screwing the end onto the top of the ring, then you're ready to show it off!

With the ability to design each threaded end by selecting your choice of anodized titanium and gems, these rings are as personalised as you can get for such a reasonable price. In a matter of steps, you'll have yourself a unique and quirky ring for as little as $40.

As you add to your collection, you have the luxury of mixing and matching the different coloured rings with whatever end you want for that particular day or outfit.

An added bonus is that the threaded ends can also be used for other piercings, depending on your current jewellery. 


Steel Navel offers free worldwide shipping for orders over $25.

Only the threaded ends (and not the finger rings) can be purchased from Body Art Forms, with shipping from $4.95.


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Industrial Strength website

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